Russians Wanted to Damage HRC - NOT HELP TRUMP!
Pruden: All That Matters Is Destroying President Trump
Weiner in a Ringer 

President Trump Is Target Of A Coup - II
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Anatoliy Golitsyn defected from the USSR to the CIA on December 15, 1961.  He alerted the CIA to the inner workings of the KGB, including the eventual 'fake demise' of the USSR as a ploy to have the West stand down her posture against the Communist threat.  James Jesus Angleton, America's greatest counter-espionage asset, believed Golitsyn was the real deal. 

In his book Wedge - The Secret War between the FBI and CIA, Mark Riebling stated that of 194 predictions made in New Lies For Old, (written by Goltisyn), 139 had been fulfilled by 1993.

The current news stories listed below should be considered through the lens of Golitsyn's warning that the Communists of the USSR and China had implemented a long-term deception strategy of seeming retreat from hard-line Communism designed to lull the West into a false sense of security, and finally economically cripple and diplomatically isolate the United States.


Golitsyn's Methodology & the Trump Administration

New Russia-China-Iran Alliance Could Push the US out of Much of the Middle East

A China-Russia Alliance?


Is US steering clear of South China Sea under Trump?


China Nears Global Reserve Status

Red Vatican

US & European Fighter Jets Running Exercise Near Russia Border

ADIZ Likely in South China Sea

U.S. Military Proposes Challenge to China Sea Claims

China in Africa

The New World Order is Here: Putin, Xi, and a deep Pink America

Russia flexes military might for sparse crowd of dignitaries on Victory Day

No Allies Present at Russian WWII Victory Celebration

China: 40,000+ Militarized Drone Fleet

NATO Demonstrates Impotence in Face of BearDragon

South China Sea Islands: 2,000 Acres and growing

China Positioning to become Gold Hub of the World

Team BearDragon Working Together on Many Fronts

Radical Islam: a Communist tool against the West

Russian & China Proving Golitsyn Correct

Russia Conducts Nuclear Bomber Flight Near Alaska

Japan Forced to Scramble Jets as BearDragon Probes

Russian Warships in English Channel

Those who know Russia best are training for a Fight

Poland Building Watch Towers Along Russian Border

Russian .Mil Jets Still Buzzing US Perimeter

No Worries, Americanski fool!  Russia still moves troops by train!

Russians in the Arctic


US Admiral: China ...creating a great wall of sand... in sea

Russians Backing Texas Secession

Russia warns against U.S. Army convoy advance

Russian Hybrid Warfare

Nothing to worry about from the Chinese & Russians - They have no .mil capabilities 

Top U.S. General Says Washington Should Consider Arming Ukraine

NATO flotilla enters Black Sea for training amid Ukraine crisis

New Vessels for Russian Navy

China Boosting .Mil Budget by 10%

Relax, Americanski - Russia & China are no Threat to CONUS!

Future Battleground: South China Sea

Nothing to See Here: Vice Admiral Joseph Mulloy: Chinas undersea fleet has surpassed that of the US

The US Navy wants to send more destroyers to the Pacific Ocean

U.S. military vehicles paraded300 yards from the Russian border

Russian paratroopers in drills on border with Estonia, Latvia

WWIII Warm-Up: Brits to Train Ukrainians Against Russians

UK General: Prepare for Russian Attack on NATO

What Could Go Wrong? US Army Training Ukrainian Troops

Europe faces a real threat from Russia, warns US army commander

CONNECT THE DOTS: Chechnya Threatens to Arm Mexicans Against US & Mexico Confirms ISIS Camp a few miles from Texas

NATO is Building for War

China: Building Islands for .Mil Expansion

Defying U.S., European allies say theyll join China-led bank

China Becomes #3 Arms Exporter in the World

China Outlines New Rockets, Space Station and Moon Plans

China orders over 600,000 tonnes Ukrainian corn, snubs U.S. supplies

Russia Puts Northern Fleet & Paratroopers on Full Alert

Putin and the Mariupol Test

Putin Ready for Nuclear Response Over Crimea

Putin Ally Sees ‘Bloody, Short’ Russia Win If U.S. Arms Kiev

China, Russia move closer over Ukraine

China and Russia – Allies not Frenemies

China is on a crazy mission to build artificial islands

Russias military budget is somehow still growing

President Trump Is Target Of A Coup - I
Rosenstein Defends Comey Memo
FBI Coming For Hillary

ADVERTISE - $240/yr
300 x 200 Pixels

Is President Trump Beginning a Purge of Establishment Advisors?

President Urged to Make Staff Changes
Mike Rogers on Short List for FBI Top Spot
WaPo Peddling Meme 'Trump is unfit due to Anger'

HuffPo Plays the Same Game

Geller & Milo May 25 at CUNY
California may end ban on communists in government jobs
Keith Olbermann Blames President Trump
Kellyanne Conway Hold my beer...
Bette Midler equates GOP health care bill to Assad gassing his own people
 10 Famous People Who Praised Venezuela’s Descent Into Socialist Hell

Trump-hatred warping judiciary...
Another Murderous LEO Indicted for Murder

Stephen Hawking says we have 100 years to colonize a new planet ... or die

The Founders Didn’t Fail
Judicial Discretion in 1787
What has happened to U.S. coal industry under Trump?
 Hillary Clinton launches new ‘resistance’ PAC

White House: ‘Sad’ That Susan Rice Not Transparent in Unmasking Investigation
North Korea Accuses CIA, South Korea of ‘Bio-Chemical’ Assassination Plot

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